London Personal Trainer/Boxing coach/Thai boxing coach/Self defence trainer/Kickboxing Coach/ Fitness Personal trainer

Jon offers exceptional personal training to a wide range of clients, all with different goals and motivations.  What sets Jon apart from 99.9% of personal trainers is his competitive pedigree and verifiable results.  Jon is a fully qualified YMCA level 3 personal trainer and YMCA Circuit training instructor.  He is a well respected kickboxing, Boxing and Thai boxing coach, having worked with amateur and professional fighters in his coaching career.

  Jon began kickboxing at the age of 13, when he was 16 he won his first National Mens full contact title, by the age of 18 he had added British full contact and low kick kickboxing titles to this.  Jon fought on the Wako Pro British Thai Boxing team and fought a two time world Thai Boxing champion at age 19 in Kirgistan.  In his fighting career, Jon has fought under almost every full contact rule system including Boxing, Thai boxing, Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.

  He has won titles in Full contact kickboxing, low kick kickboxing, Thai Boxing and boxing, he is the current Wako Pro and ISKA British Cruiserweight Full Contact Kickboxing British title holder.  Jon has also won Commonwealth boxing and kickboxing titles and a World open tournament title, he is internationally ranked by  the ISKA, WKF and WAKO Pro and now is the current Light heavyweight ISKA wORLD Champion. Jon currently holds a 47 fight record with 32 wins 11 losses and 4 draws.   Jon has also trained at the world renowned 'Smith and Wesson' academy in the USA and gained the highly respected Defensive Tactics Instructor qualification.

It is Jon's vast professional fighting experience that lays the foundations for his work as a personal trainer.  Jon has experienced first hand the dedication and motivation needed to achieve goals.  Throughout his career Jon has always sought out the best people to work with to help him.  Now Jon can help you, whether you want to loose weight, get fitter or compete in an event, Jon offers the experience of a professional athlete along with the knowledge of a fully qualified personal trainer. 
 Jon is currently the head coach at the famous long running Cobra gym based in Victoria as well as the owner of the new 'Durrant's Gym' in North London near Camden Town.

Jon has successfully built a career as a promoter of white collar boxing events, promoting up to 20 events a year including hugely successful collaborations with the 'Big Fight UK', 'Industry Boxing' and 'Pride Boxing' which was featured across the mainstream media including BBC NEWS and 'Evening standard'.  2018 promises to be equally successful as Jon expands to North London too.

Jon has had a very successful 2017 as a coach guiding hundreds of 'white collar boxers' to success through their 10 week camps.  He has also worked with a number of elite boxers guiding Cherelle Brown to her third ABA Elite National title, Amy Andrew to winning the elite Swedish box cup tournament and the ABA southern area elite title and Numan Hussein to numerous regional titles and a successful first international outing as an elite boxer.  Jon continues to work with a umber of pro MMA fighters sharpening their striking before fights.



sparring with top Thai Boxer Josh Palmer



Training Dan Edwards for his victory over a tough Dutch fighter 

YMCA level 2 Gym Instructor
YMCA level 2 Circuit training instructor
YMCA level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management
YMCA level 3 Exercise and fitness knowledge
YMCA level 3 Advanced cardiovascular training
YMCA level 3 Advanced resistance training
YMCA level 3 Client lifestyle and Fitness assessment
YMCA level 3 Training in different environments.
YMCA level 3 Personal trainer award