Jon Durrant London Personal Trainer/Boxing Coach/Kickboxing trainer Please read Jon's testimonials from clients and people 'in the know'.

'Quite simply one of the best trainers I've been trained by. Jon has a huge amount of experience in the necesseties of fitness and health. His extensive world class knowledge of Martial Arts, stands him amongst some of the best coaches in the UK today. Jon has a very comforting ability to encourage and motivate when training and does this for his clients on an individual basis. I would reccomend anyone to train with Jon whatever your goal is'.

Kevin Thomas - Fitness and Nutrionalist spokesperson for BBC Radio Cumbria.


 'I have had the pleasure of knowing Jon for a couple of years, within this time Jon has worked with me on my Boxing. I am primarily a ground fighter and recently accepted an MMA fight. Jon spent a lot of time coaching me in all aspects of stand up for MMA and rapidly improved my skills and confidence through his very effective training methods. His coaching was instrumental in securing my victory. Jon is a great coach'.

Tom Hanlon - Sukata MMA/BJJ coach/MMA Fighter/ Top ranked submission fighter


'In the time I have been trained by Jon, I have seen my fitness levels peak and my stamina increase, especially during high intensity workouts.  This has resulted in me burning stubborn body fat and developing more muscle definition and tone.  He draws on his extensive teaching experience and supportive coaching style to motivate you, so if you find it hard to motivate yourself, want to lose weight, have reached a plateau, are bored of your current regime, want to become fitter or even see yourself in the ring one day, then Jon can help you with all your goals'.

Bunmi Otubushin, Education Consultant


'Having seen a good number of personal trainers on and off over the past twenty years, none of them have had the impact or helped me achieve the results that I have with Jon.  He is an inspiration to train with - professional, knowledgable and encouraging in his low key affable manner.  In less than three months, Jon has been key in helping me to far exceed my initial goals and expectations.  I cannot praise or recommend Jon and his professionalism highly enough, he is one of a kind.

John Prothero,  Healthcare PR Consultant